Everything you need to know about our available payment options and terms.

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We aim for full transparency around payments. All costs are advised in advance of invoicing, because we think surprises should be nice.


The initial site build is an intensive process. In most cases, the most expensive aspect of our products and services.

Project costs are determined by a fixed quote or an estimate. We generally offer fixed quotes. Where not enough information is made available to determine a projects true scope, we provide an estimate instead.

Should additional work be required, it will always be quoted upon before work is commenced, so you remain in control of the project budget.

Work commences with a 40% deposit, with the remainder paid in equal instalments over 6 months.


Everyone has their own preferred way to pay, that’s why we try to give our customers as many payment options as is feasible for us to manage.


General Payment Terms

Our full payment terms and conditions are available to view in our General Terms and Conditions.

Our payment terms are generally 7 days. If you require more time than this, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

We understand that sometimes things come up and payments may be late. We do ask that you give us as much notice of this as possible. Knowing that the payment will be late and when payment will be made will help us pay our bills on time too.

It makes it very difficult to keep our prices down if customers are consistently late with payments. If three consecutive payments are made late, we will require you to move to a direct debit arrangement to continue hosting with us.

If you accidentally make an overpayment, or pay an invoice twice we will give you the option to:

  • Leave the overpayment as credit on your account to be used against your next invoice,
  • Refund the additional payment in full, or
  • Allocate your payment to an Ongoing Service Package

Invoices paid via GoCardless, PayPal and PayPal Here are automatically marked as paid at the time of processing. Payments made via Bank Transfer are generally marked as paid on the next business day after receipt.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfers have been long trusted as a reliable method of payment.

Payments received via Bank Transfer are generally marked on the invoice as paid on the next business day after receipt. Our bank processes payments on the day of receipt, so depending on your bank processes, this is usually completed within 24 business hours. We ask that the customer name and Invoice Number are included in the reference to speed this process for you.

Like overpayments with any payment method, if you accidentally make an overpayment, or pay an invoice twice we will give you the option to:

  • Leave the overpayment as credit on your account to be used against your next invoice,
  • Refund the additional payment in full, or
  • Allocate your payment to an Ongoing Service Package

Bank Transfer does not give us the option to refund deposits made to the account, so you will need to provide us with your bank details for us to return the funds.

is a banking payment service from BPAY that allows fast transfers of funds directly from your bank account. It is now available through most banks. OSKO’s PayID identifies parties in the transfer process, eliminating the need for Account Names, BSBs and Account numbers to complete transactions, allowing you to make a payment to a designated phone number or email address. Our OSKO PayID is included on all our invoices for your convenience.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a recent addition to our payment options. New clients will be sent an invitation to sign up. Our Direct Debit arrangement can be used to automatically process your payments without having to remember to initiate them each time.

Direct Debit has been introduced as a payment option for a couple of reasons. Not only is it the preferred method of payment for many people and been requested by customers from time to time, but it also allows us to take the focus off account keeping, and to spend more of it on our core business.

We have investigated Direct Debit arrangements in the past, but had not found one that we felt suitable. When we discovered an option that was low fee, charged our customers no fees, and was easily integrated into our accounting system to make payment processing effortless, we knew it was time to make it available to you.

Direct Debit is completely optional in most cases. We only require Direct Debit as a payment method when payments are repeatedly late. Chasing payments takes time away from our core business and makes it difficult for us to pay our bills on time.

You can pay invoices using any method you would like. The Direct Debit agreement sits in the background and only kicks in on the due date if the invoice has not been marked as paid.

With GoCardless you are notified that a payment is coming out in advance, giving you the chance to raise any issues about the payment.

If you give us notice that you will need more time to pay, a hold can be placed on the Direct Debit for the relevant invoice.

GoCardless are the direct debit service providers we have chosen to implement an automatic payment service. A service agreement with GoCardless allows them to take the funds for invoice payment directly from your account, and make it available to us just a few days later. GoCardless will be listed on your account transaction, with Arpastart and your invoice number as the reference.

GoCardless do not charge dishonour fees, but your own bank may place insufficient funds charges on your account. You will need to check your banking terms and conditions to see what, if any, fees apply.

You can decide to sign up to a Direct Debit Request at any time you like. The link to do so is available via any of your active invoices, or you can set up a Direct Debit Request right here.

Credit Cards

Should you want to pay using Credit Card, our preferred method is to attach it as a funding method to your PayPal account. Where this is not possible, we do have credit card transactions available via PayPal Here.