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A website doesn’t just give you an online presence. It can also help you run your business in its day to day affairs. Consider the regular processes of your business and ask yourself what you can integrate to improve your business processes and free up your time for other endeavours. In discussing your business operations with you, we can assist you to work out the best online strategy for your needs.


Following is a guide to the types of information that will be required to complete most website builds. Every site is different. If your site requires additional information we will discuss this with you.


If you have an existing domain name, you will need to provide us with access to your registration account to allow us to update the DNS settings. If you do not have an existing domain name, we will be happy to register one for you.


If you wish to have email accounts set up under your domain name, you will need to provide a list of the names that you wish to use (eg.


If your business has a style guide in place this will need to be provided. If you would like a style guide written for you, you can let us know in our requirements meeting.


We will need you to provide the addresses of any social media pages that you wish to link your site to.


Take a look at some of our recent sites.



Content Options:

  • The content can submitted to us in full to be presented on your site as is

  • In full but with the direction to make minor edits for Organic SEO purposes
  • You may provide us with content to be re-written, with or without SEO edits
  • You may provide us with dot-points and ask us to write content on your behalf, with or without SEO edits

You will need to decide which option you wish to use before we complete your quote. You may change your mind at a later date, but please bear in mind that additional requirements will incur an additional charge.


The images required will vary from site to site.

You may already have logos and graphics that you want to use, these can be provided in any standard file format you have access to. Please provide the largest file size that you have available, a vector is best where possible. We can easily size images smaller, but if you try to enlarge them you will end up with a poor quality image.

When selecting images, you will need to decide whether you provide custom images, stock images, or request us to find images on your behalf. If you are looking for a photographer, we are happy to make recommendations.