The content of your business communications is critical. Equally important is the method of delivery.

Last week, we looked at some options around outbound business communications. Today, we address how to streamline customer communication with a few handy tools to keep in your collection.


Your preferred communication method may not be your customer’s preference. Try to keep a variety of options open to cater for different needs. Phone, email and online applications are all common approaches that will usually work well in combination.

It is worth outlining how you use the different communication channels from the outset, so your customer knows what to expect from each option. If you only check your emails once a week, mention it on your contact page or your customer will be left wondering why you are neglecting them. We like to make sure ours are available from our contact page but also include them in a welcome email to new clients as a part of our customer communication toolbox.


The method of communication a customer selects will also depend on the urgency of their issue — or even their circumstances on the day. A busy schedule or the complexity of their enquiry can make a big difference to their choice of communication tool. Here’s a collection of business communication tools that can help your customers access the information they need in the timeframe they need it in. You are all familiar with phone and email, so we will move on to the more web-specific applications.


Technically, this is not a communication tool to get in touch with you directly. It can negate the need though, which is often more valuable. Having an online reference guide available can save your customers a lot of time and stress.

We use Help Scout Docs to keep our eCommerce user guides easily searchable. We especially like Help Scout as it allows us to integrate a lot of our customer support into the one platform.

We can place a support button wherever customers may find it particularly useful. It is also given prominence on our contact page. Have a play and let us know what you think.


Contact support by emailing us at or filling out our support form. Please provide as much information as possible about your issue to assist a speedy resolution.
Support Form


Chat is becoming an increasingly popular method of fast communication. We are holding out for the release of Help Scout’s Beacon 2.0 slated for release this year and will let you know when it has arrived on our site.

We have customers who have reported an excellent experience using to address customer queries and assist their sales process, but there are many great options on the market.


If you have a team managing your support service, using a shared inbox can be complicated and messy. A support platform can help you keep on top of your customer queries. Help Scout is our go-to product for delivering customer support. It allows us to share the responsibility of attending to customer support issues quickly and allocating the right team member to the job. We also have full visibility across the team of what’s going on, allowing the matter to be handled seamlessly for the customer.


People default to the most convenient option. If you do not make convenient options available, the chances are you will encourage them to resort to social media to fix their issues. This kind of PR can be harmful to your business, so we encourage you to make direct communication as convenient as possible.