There is little more crucial to business than effective communication. The right information needs to be able to flow to and from your customers — and at the right time — to keep everything moving smoothly.

This has been presented to us all in a hundred different ways from a thousand different sources. The need for effective communication is not new.

The communication channels available to us; however, increase rapidly and open doors to better ways of keeping in touch with your customers. Effective inbound communication is vital too, but we’ll focus on that another day.


For today, we’re going to focus on getting information out. Businesses can often reduce the amount of time dealing with inbound questions by effectively communicating with their customers and suppliers with the information they provide. The right channel for you will depend entirely on the nuances of the information and your particular target audience.


Your website is instrumental in making sure your customers and suppliers have access to the information they need. You can control the content of your site and the way that it is set out to lead your visitors to what they’re looking for.

  • It costs far less to design your website to present your visitors the information they need than to send out or talk through queries made by your customers.

  • Customer self-help queries can be handled out of your work hours to alleviate their concerns earlier.

  • To be honest, we couldn’t think of any here. Even if only a few people use the information, or they ask additional questions, you’re still presenting a good face to the public, giving Google information they can use to help you be found online, and showing that you’re a professional outfit.

To be aware of:
  • When you put content on the site, remember to mark it for review. Each time you update your policies or processes within your business, the website should be updated to reflect those changes.

  • To be considered effective communication, you need to make sure it actually conveys the information you need it to. Have someone outside of your business read through it to make sure that the content is clear and easy to understand.


Social media gives us lots of different options for appearing on the newsfeeds of our customers and potential customers.

  • A handy way to grab attention and direct people to the source of the information they need.

  • Exposure to a broader range of people than just your existing customers and suppliers.

  • Social media is a very impersonal way to convey information to your customers, they need to hear from you directly on important matters.

To be aware of:
  • The