Sales forecasting directly impacts your inventory control, financial planning, price stability and even your marketing. We think that the Sales Forecasting tool new to Arpastart eCommerce is one that you’ll be very excited about.


Sales Forecasting helps make an informed estimate about how much stock to order. It helps you determine optimum order quantities to take advantage of quantity discounts and reduced freight costs.

Every business that manages stock knows holding inventory is expensive. It is a delicate balance, striving to reduce inventory on hand, while still being able to fill customer orders.

One of the things we see small business struggle with is replenishing stock. This is where Arpastart eCommerce’s new Sales Forecasting tool can make an enormous difference.

Arpastart eCommerce Sales Forecasting calculates an expected sales quantity for a selected period. Driven by data, the forecast generated is based on the number of products sold in the selected historical period of time. It also calculates the total sales revenue based on the same data.

It’s an incredible addition to Arpastart eCommerce Enterprise, or you can have it added to the Starter or Plus editions individually.