We all know that our businesses are not isolated from outside factors. We know that seasons, trends and competition influence our businesses.
What we see; however, is that most businesses have websites that act like they exist in a vacuum. We think that is costing them business.


One of the things we always do when considering how we can help a potential new client is to look at the competitors. The reason we do this is very simple: it is exactly what your customers will do when they are looking to purchase something.

Too often, we see websites focused on the features of a product, usually with generic manufacturer descriptions and specifications, hoping it will help customers decide which product to buy from their site. We suggest that you do pay attention to your descriptions and specifications, as they can be helpful, but they don’t tell the full story.

Customers frequently already know what they want to buy.
They come to your site to find out if they should buy it from you.


New customers who come to your site have generally checked out your competition. They usually do not need any help deciding which product to buy, they are trying to figure out where they should buy the product they want.

With that in mind, does your website give any reason to buy from you, rather than somewhere else?

Don’t hope your visitors will work out why they should buy from you. Tell them. People are generally busy. They’re not reading everything on your website, they are scanning your content, so you need to make it immediately clear.

If you do not make it clear why customers should buy from you, you are making it easier for your competitors to make the sale.

So, take some time and figure out why people should buy from you. Every business is unique. Your appeal may be in your quick or free delivery, your gift wrapping service, your easy returns policy. Tell visitors why they should buy from your site and not others. Give them confidence that they are getting the right product at the right price, with the right level of service for their needs.


Once you know why people should buy from you, communicate that message in all major entrance points to your site including, at least:

  • The homepage
  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Pages where you encourage people to sign up
  • In your cart and checkout pages.

Since people largely ignore banners, and we know they scan rather than read, try communicating your message in simple bullet points.

When people choose not to buy from your site, it’s generally because they found what they perceived to be a better offer elsewhere. They compare your offer to your competitors’ offer. Make it clear why they should buy from you rather than the others.