The importance of handling your inventory effectively cannot be overstated. Without appropriate processes in place, it can cost you heavily in terms of financial overheads, your time invested, the loss of repeat customers and in negative reviews.

Arpastart eCommerce helps you see exactly how your inventory is moving. Why is this important? Because it will help you:

1. Plan future orders
2. Forecast sales
3. Create successful marketing campaigns
4. Design thriving promotional sales
5. Get loyal repeat customers by always having the right products in stock

Here’s how:


Customers expect that when they purchase a product online that it should be delivered to them as quickly as possible. Not being able to deliver what they expect, when they expect it, will mean little chance of that customer ever returning to your store.

With Arpastart eCommerce you have the option to allow the system to manage your inventory levels for you, reducing the available stock with each purchase made, and ensuring that you never sell more than you have on hand.

There is also an option for store owners to be able to sell products when not in stock, which is indicated by the product status to the customer. The status created would inform the customer when they might expect to receive the goods. If you know that from the time of order, you can get hold of that product within three days, and send to them out the following day, a product status of Dispatch in 4 Days might be used when your product is out of stock. You get to create your own product statuses, so can make sure that they match the product availability and your business processes.


There is no point in restricting your sales by having certain products only available in certain locations. A product that sells well on one website may sell poorly on another, or like hotcakes in a physical store. No one wants a customer to be told Not in Stock in one location when you know you have another 20 available elsewhere.

Arpastart eCommerce can easily manage sales of inventory in multiple locations from the same inventory pool. You can sell via:

  1. Multiple websites using our multistore functionality
  2. In a physical store using our Point of Sale
  3. Affiliates
  4. eBay, Etsy and Amazon using a 3rd party integration


If you select to reduce stock automatically, it means less time conducting stocktakes and communicating with customers about not being able to fulfil their orders immediately, or at all, as the case may be.

By using your reports to work out what sells and when, you can use Arpastart eCommerce’s Purchase Order module to set minimum and maximum levels of product you want to keep in the store and have it prompt you to order the quantities required to reach that level when you go to place your orders. This also helps to ensure that you buy the right products at the right times. Save yourself even more time by automatically adding the ordered stock to inventory when you check that the order is complete and receive it.

Depending on the amount of inventory you have, you might also want to look at starting to use product barcodes, and assigning barcodes to products that do not have any. You can use barcodes to keep track of every product you sell, and if you have a scanner, bring up customer orders instantly in our Point of Sale.


Using your reporting tools can easily show you the sales trends in your store. You can quickly work out what products work for your customers at what times of the year, and make sure that you have the right stock on hand to cater for the demand. There is no point buying huge quantities of stock that just doesn’t sell. It takes up valuable capital and storage space that can be better used for more profitable products.

You can also find where you have gaps in your product range by keeping an eye on what customers are searching for in your store. If you find that customers repeatedly search for products that you don’t have, it might be a good indicator that those products are worth introducing.

Arpastart eCommerce won’t replace the need for good ideas and decision making, it does automate the functions needed to manage your inventory, streamline your processes and free up the time you need to further your business.