One of the great things we get to do on a daily basis is work with retailers. Usually, when we meet clients for the first time, they are incredibly busy, working long hours under a lot of pressure and are completely stressed out. So why is retail so hard? In theory, it is simple. It is selling the right product (or service) to the right person, for a profit.

The reality (for many) is that it’s not so easy to find out what the right product is. Or who the right customer is. Or how to put those two together. Oh, and how to make sure it is a positive experience and the transaction is profitable.

So we asked ourselves, how can we help with this? How can we help identify your customers and help you assess your customers’ needs? Is this all easier said than done?

No, not really. Not for our clients. Arpastart eCommerce is built with analytics and reporting at the very core. Not add-ons. Not plugins. They are at the foundation of the platform.



All your customer data is in one place. You have a real-time, 360-degree view of all your customers, the orders they have placed, the returns they made, and the warranties they registered. You also have real-time access to the average order value and profitability of each of their transactions.

You also have full visibility of your customers’ wish lists and any products they may have left in their cart without completing a purchase.

You can use this information to focus on improving retention for individual customers, or you can use it to perform segmentation across a range of customers. Our reports quickly show you your best customers, average order value, returning customers, most recent customers, and so much more.

Our Product reports allow you to look at all your products, products that have never been ordered, products that have been purchased for the first time and you can even group this data by category or manufacturer if you want. It gives you a great view of exactly how your product range is performing. You might even find that the product you love so much, the one you had hand made by the local artisan, the product that no one else has, is actually not being viewed or purchased by your customers.

Then we step it up one level. Using Arpastart eCommerce Store Analytics, you can perform detailed analysis on your daily visitors, where they came from, what they searched for, and which products they looked at.

Our personal favourite tool is, without a doubt, the conversion funnel. For any time period you can see how many people visited the site, how many added products to their cart and how many of those went on to a successful purchase. You can also see at which stage customers started dropping off. If you lose 50% of your transactions at your payment method step, you probably need to look at which payment methods you offer.

Usually focussing on conversion gives much better long term result than advertising to get more visitors. Remember, if your conversion rate is around 2%, it means you pay on average for 50 people to come to your site to make a single sale.

We have said many times before that reporting and effective metrics are vital to running your eCommerce business. Arpastart eCommerce provides insights that contain a wealth of information about your sales, your customers and your products.

While only your expertise and passion can make you successful, the data generated by the Arpastart eCommerce analytics and reporting core, allows you to make informed decisions about which products to stock and it will give you real time indications of the success of your store.