2015 crept up on us and turned out to be Arpastart’s most exciting and eventful year to date. We became a full-time operation in March and were elated to find that we haven’t felt the need to kill each other when working and living together 24 hours a day.

We also formalised our contact hours to allow for some family time. We still make ourselves available for appointments outside of traditional business hours, but now it’s by special arrangement rather than just the norm.

Our biggest, most exciting business development has been the introduction of Arpastart eCommerce.


Our online selling platform has evolved. We released the starter package of Arpastart eCommerce a few months ago, with Plus and Enterprise versions available as betas.

Our beta period is coming to a close. You can expect Arpastart eCommerce Plus and Enterprise to be soft released next week, with our official launch to take place in January 2016.



We are in the process of giving arpastart.com.au a (slightly) updated look. We’ll also be introducing the Arpastart team to you and bringing our faces to the business.

You can expect a new look for our portfolio pages too. Firstly because we’ve redesigned the layout and capabilities of the pages, and secondly because the businesses they relate to have evolved over the last year as well. Some of them now have completely new websites. We look forward to making the big go-live announcement in February, so keep an eye out for the announcement.


If you’re not completely new to Arpastart, you will have already noticed our new look community site. We still have a couple of minor changes to make with the navigation of our eCommerce pages, but these are set to take place early in the new year. Our documents will be brought across to the community site, and we’ll be introducing new videos and instruction manuals to support Arpastart eCommerce from mid-January.


We’re pretty excited to be working on a few big projects. We have a new website for EnviroConstruct to be launched soon. Based in Queensland, they specialise in building environmentally friendly homes for off-grid living.

We will also be commencing the site build for Tina Bambina – the winner of the Arpastart eCommerce Giveaway – in January. Having now met with the very talented Tina Kosanke, the business poprietor and artist, we can’t wait to see how her site evolves.

We’ve also been working with customers to improve their page rankings for their desired keywords, because let’s face it – a website often isn’t much use if it can’t be found. A2 Medical Billing Service is one such client who began working on their keyword rankings a few months ago. From September to October they doubled their search engine visibility and have first page results for 8 of their selected keywords – many of them jumping more than 25 positions. Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t always yield such fast results, so we were mightily impressed with the outcome.


As you all know, keeping active on social media AND getting your actual work done is difficult in a small team. If you uncover the spell to perfectly manage this, please pass it on. Social media is entirely too distracting and addictive! We’ve been making a more concerted effort to make sure we’re regularly pushing out content which will be useful for our clients and non-clients alike. Please come along to your preferred Social Media platform and join us, we’d love to see you there!

We’re now on Twitter in addition to Facebook and Google+, and we do promise to start sending out a (brief) regular newsletter in 2016.


On a personal level, one of our most valued experiences of the year has been becoming Annual Business Partners with the Geelong Branch of Business in Heels. We have met countless amazing people and their businesses. It has delivered some operational improvements to our business through the ideas that we’ve been exposed to, but just as importantly, it has strengthened our personal connections with our local business community.

The challenge for 2016 will be to get Dan to don a pair of heels and attend a meeting.

Our articles will be taking a break over Christmas while our hours are reduced for the holiday period.

2016 promises to be an extremely exciting year. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!