Most would agree that it’s vital for businesses of any size to maintain and update their websites, but it’s difficult to find the time to do it properly, particularly for small businesses.

There’s always the option of having us maintain your site for you (wink, wink), but if cash flow is tricky then doing it yourself can be the most suitable option.

Even the most time poor of us can give our websites the attention they deserve with these 5 quick tips for site maintenance.


It is insanely frustrating for customers when they can’t get to where you’re trying to send them. Start running your report and while it’s processing, move on to the next task. You can come back to the report later and replace or remove any links that are no longer valid. There are heaps of free link checkers available online. You may like to try W3C’s link checker.


Is your main business activity represented with a clear call to action? Visitors to your site should be able to see in a snapshot what products and services you offer. More importantly, they should be able to easily identify what they should do with that information, and where they should go next. That may be contacting you, looking at your main service in more detail or booking a ticket to your latest event. Look at your homepage with fresh eyes and ask yourself, is my homepage well signposted?


Are your contact details easily accessible from each page? Are they up to date? You don’t want people to have to try too hard to get in touch with you. It makes people grumpy and they’re more likely to contact your competitors who are easier to find.


Send yourself an email and find out if the customer experience is satisfactory. It’s important for customers to know that their message has been processed. They should be given a success message or a screen change so they know that clicking the submit button actually worked. Equally important is to make sure that you actually receive the email! When you finally have a customer contact you about a non-working contact form you’ll be left wondering how many others tried to get in touch and turned to your competition instead.


You don’t even need to visit your site to get pointers of what website maintenance needs doing. Do customers regularly ask you the same questions over and over again? It may be because what they need is either not available on your site, or not easy to find. If you listen to questions for more than just the question, you will discover many time saving possibilities for website improvement. Time is money!

Don’t forget to take it easy on yourself. Big businesses who do their website maintenance well typically have an entire team dedicated to the task. You can always outsource your web services if you find the process overwhelming or too time consuming. Depending on what you do, it may not be necessary to have someone monitoring and maintaining your site constantly – but a regular health check is very important. These five quick maintenance tasks will go a long way to keeping your website performing well for your business.