Affiliate marketing is yet another tool you can add to your growing list of marketing opportunities. Affiliate programs, when executed strategically, are good for your online sales.

In setting up your affiliate marketing program you engage other parties to direct traffic to your site and encourage sales. Arpastart eCommerce, being built on an OpenCart foundation has an inbuilt mechanism to allow people to sign up to your affiliate program.


  • You decide on the Terms and Conditions. Specify who will be eligible to apply, what their commission will be, when their commission will be paid to them and set them up in your information pages.
  • An affiliate can apply directly through your website, but it’s also possible to enter the information for them manually, which is particularly handy if it’s an entity that you approached with an affiliate proposal.
  • You set their commission rate, and approve them as an affiliate when and if you’re ready to. While there is a default commission rate you select, this can be overridden on individual accounts to reward them with an additional percentage amount.
  • Once they are approved, they can log into their affiliate account and select the products that they wish to promote, and get the URL with their own unique tracking code to add to their site.
  • When their visitors click on this link, their journey is tracked through the store during the next two years from their first visit. Any sales that are made as a result of that referral are attributed to the affiliate and their commission is calculated automatically for you.


If you’re strategic about your approach, Affiliate Marketing has a lot to offer online retailers.

  • There is enormous benefit in using your affiliate program as a marketing feature. Marketing is expensive. You can’t guarantee that in seeing your advertisement, that someone will be motivated to visit your store and make a purchase. Many advertising dollars can be wasted. Affiliate marketing means that your products are gaining exposure and only cost you money in the event of a sale.
  • By selling through someone else’s website, you are effectively tapping into their existing customer base. You therefore have access to many more potential customers than by advertising randomly. If you align yourself with affiliates who share your target market, you also stand to gain a recommendation.
  • Word of mouth and personal recommendation remains the most successful form of marketing. If another company demonstrates that they trust you and your product by affiliating with you, then you just gained a big endorsement. This can also work the opposite way. If you demonstrate an affiliation with companies who don’t share your values and work ethic, you can also be dragged down by association. Do your research before you start an affiliation.
  • Additional SEO benefits can be gained by having multiple sources linking to your site, especially if Google sees your visitors navigating through your site when making their purchase decisions.


  • Aligning yourself with quality businesses and sites is important. If websites are engaging in shady SEO practices, by associating your site with them you may be tarred with the same brush. If in doubt, run an SEO check on them to determine how likely a Google penalty is.
  • The affiliate program uses cookies to operate. You need to make sure that your privacy page specifies your use of cookies for compliance with various world web compliance codes.


  • Don’t wait for affiliates to come to you, be proactive and hand select businesses that align with your target market, values and ethic.
  • You can become involved in affiliate directories, allowing people wanting to make affiliate referrals to find you easily. For more information on this, you can visit the Australian Department of Communications.
  • Affiliate programs can be used in a range of creative ways, one of them being fundraising. By signing up as an affiliate, educational or community organisations can use your affiliate program to get a percentage of the sales made to their organisation members donated back to them – and there’s nothing like the pressure of a fundraiser to make people spend money on products they wouldn’t have otherwise.