Getting started with your new online store is simple, especially when you use Arpastart eCommerce. But what do you do once the store is set up? How do you get the best results?

Well, we thought we would start with product page optimisation. We instinctively know that good product pages are important for selling, but they are also a good place to start creating unique content, which should be part of any store optimisation strategy. Relevant, unique content boosts your search engine ranking and brings more visitors to your site, that you can then convert into customers.


Your product name has to accurately describe your product. Customers want to know exactly what you are selling. The more specific your product name is, the lower the competition will be when someone does a search for the product, leading to more targeted visitors to your site.

People who come to your site using very specific keywords, are much more likely to buy from you than those who reach your site using very generic search terms.

Now that you have done the work and created a great product name, you need to make sure that you use it in the URL, breadcrumb navigation and at least in a Heading 1 <h1> tag.

If you are using Arpastart eCommerce, all this is automatically done for you. All you have to do is create the perfect product name.


Product descriptions are integral to product page optimisation. Make sure you have unique product descriptions and nevercopy the description from a manufacturer or competitor’s site. Duplicate content can do serious damage to your optimisation strategy.

The real power in product descriptions is in providing the information your customers need to make a buying decision. With that in mind, identify the things that would help you buy the product, then write your descriptions using that information.

A good product description offers a complete picture of the product, giving your customers everything they need to make an informed buying decision.

Use a bulleted list to point out the main selling points, so your visitors can scan them at a glance. Flesh out otherwise boring features with comparisons to different products on the market and point out how your product stands out.

It is this kind of attention to detail that can make customers decide to buy from your store, rather than anywhere else.

Google loves unique product descriptions with lots of relevant content. All the time you spend creating fantastic product descriptions will result in getting your product out to more potential buyers.


We cringe every time we see an online store with bad quality images. Images need to be a major focus when addressing your product page optimisation.

Online shopping for the most part is a visual experience. You need to give your customers big, beautiful images that really show off your products.

If you use big images, your visitors have the option to zoom in on every bit of detail, giving them a shopping experience that almost feels like browsing in a shop.

It’s best to have professional product photos taken, at least for the best sellers in your range. If you have to take your own photos, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Use good lighting
  • Use simple backgrounds to make the product stand out
  • Keep your angles and aspect ratios consistent across your product range
In Arpastart eCommerce, we have included tools that automatically generate an image description and even rename your images to include your keyword rich product name. Our caching tool optimises the image itself to reduce the loading time for your customers and of course creates multiple versions of the image, for thumbnails, product pages, and full zoom use.


Videos are a great way to showcase your products. They can make your customers feel like they are getting a personalised demo. Lots of people search for product videos as part of their research before buying, so the power of product videos is in:

  1. Driving people to your store because of video search results
  2. Convincing and converting customers once they hit your product page.

Video content is no different from any other kind of content, so creating your own unique product videos is best. If you only have access to some videos from the manufacturer, it is still better than not having any product videos available.


Product reviews build trust. Trust increases conversion. Adding honest reviews to your products helps your sales. Ask customers that have bought your products to review them on your site.