It’s becoming rare for businesses to not have a social media presence of some kind these days. Developing good strategy for their use is essential. We want to focus today on building your sites’ SEO with a basic social media approach. It doesn’t matter what social media platform you’re using, the basic philosophy remains the same.


There are a multitude of plugins and widgets available which do precisely the opposite, displaying social media feeds on sites and encouraging visitors to go to your social media pages. If you have an active social media approach it can be beneficial to attract people to follow your pages in this way. The down side is that in directing people to your social media pages, it gives the social media platform the web traffic that your site needs. For the most part, the aim is to send people to your site, not away from it.


Work social media to your advantage. Use your following to engage others, and give reason for them to engage with your posts and click through to your site. Encourage visitors to stay on your website and complete your conversion goals.

Make your posts meaningful and enticing to your target audience.


What this looks like in real life is as varied as your conversion goals, but we’ll give one such example of use. We frequently see people who have an online store using Facebook to make additional sales by asking followers to comment ‘sold’ under a photo to purchase. This may make your sale fast here and now, but it is a very time consuming way to make sales in the long run. A more productive sales technique would be to provide an image and link to the product on your site. A coupon can also be provided to sweeten the deal. Aside from the obvious advantage of easy payment and invoicing, this approach encourages people to visit your site. They may navigate through a number of pages, add more products to their shopping cart, and come back to shop at a later stage. All of these behaviours are good for your Organic SEO.

This is only one small idea about how to utilise your social media pages to gain the web traffic needed to achieve your goals. Talk to us for practical ideas about how you can get more people to your site.