Calls to Action (CTA)

In our Conversion Rate Optimisation series, we mentioned Call To Action (sometimes abbreviated as CTA) quite a few times. We have to admit that we failed to address one obvious question: What is a Call to Action? So let’s take a step back and do that now.


The Call to Action (CTA) is the final instruction to your site visitors. It should be clear and descriptive, so avoid using the generic ‘Click Here Now!’. A good Call to Action should be persuasive and compelling. You need to use actionable verbs to grab people’s attention.

A Call to Action (CTA) is a button or link or image that prompts your visitors to take action. It is literally a call to take an action.


You need to give visitors a reason why they should complete your call to action, so make sure the content on the page is relevant. It should be related to the call to action and give enough information to show the benefit of completing the conversion.

Giving a call to action a sense of urgency can help, but there is a fine line between urgency and being pushy. Use statements that reduce or completely remove risk. For example, Sign up for a free trial – no credit card required sends your visitors the message use us, because we know you will love us. Give them confidence to complete the conversion.


  • Add to Cart
  • Order your free sample
  • Download your free trial
  • Read more on our blog
  • Sign up for news and special deals

It would be completely wrong to end an article about CTAs without at least some call to action, right?


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