We received our new business cards yesterday and it threw us into turmoil. The image was wrong. Not glaringly in your face wrong, but a little bit out. I neglected to bring the last few letters of our business name back into alignment after editing the ampersat in our logo. The result was a drop shadow on the ’t’.

It looked at best like a dirty smudge, at worst, as though our business name was ‘Arpas tart’. The idea of both made me feel ill.

This was an expensive mistake. 500 of these two-sided, full-colour, 420gsm laminated babies had put us out $121.00. Not a lot in the grand scheme of high quality business card printing, but still a lot of money to effectively throw in the bin, especially for a small family business.

Our turmoil was thankfully short lived. We stopped to breathe and asked ourselves; “What would we do if it was a client’s business card we had been responsible for proofing?” The answer was simple. Have it reprinted for them and wear the cost.

There is a massive difference between nearly right and exactly right. The financial hit of having the cards reprinted is nothing compared to the effect of a business not taking us seriously because we don’t take ourselves seriously.

A business card is the first impression that many people get of your business. Why knowingly position yourself in a way that makes people doubtful of your ability to assist their business effectively? Why give the impression that you don’t care about keeping your business cards clean or that you show such little attention to detail?

“Oh, the difference between nearly right and exactly right.”
– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

We make decisions every day about how to present ourselves to our clients and potential clients. Some of these are strategic and well thought through, others are more subconscious. Today, as we await the delivery of our new business cards, we make the decision to pause and assess our business presentation.

We have been looking forward to the grand unveiling of our new websites and branding – but are they everything that we are? They will be by the time we launch.