On occasion, we are asked about our business name. Naming our business was hard. We spent more time naming our business than naming our children. We, like you, had to consider what our business was, what we wanted it to eventually be, how we wanted to be perceived by our target market, and how we were going to step out of it at retirement.

We briefly considered using our own name, but then came to the conclusion that as few people can pronounce it, it would be difficult for people to recommend us to their friends. It also made succession planning rather problematic. Once we got past this and started brainstorming what our business does and how we want to be seen, we became particularly smitten with the ampersat.

The ampersat, commonly known as @ is now virtually synonymous with web and information technology services. Our business today might not offer a fraction of the services of our business tomorrow, as technology is in a constant state of change, so it seemed a little shortsighted to pin ourselves down to a time or service on the basis of a name. Ampersat would have been perfect for us in terms of flexibility. The problem was that it was taken, as were all the variations of ampersat that we could come up with.

Then we had our epiphany. One-half of the Arpastart duo is Dutch. We could use the Dutch word for ‘ampersat’. ‘Ape staart’ is literally translated as ‘monkey tail’ because of its visual appearance. Monkey Tail was already taken by a group in America doing much the same things as we were planning at the time though. To avoid confusion between the two businesses this idea was dropped, but we liked the sound of the phrase ‘ape staart’. We came up with a number of variations of English phonetic spellings and trialled them on flash cards with anyone who was willing to give the pronunciation a go. None of them worked very well until we met our friendly ATO consultant (who just happened to be Dutch), and suggested we try Arpastart. It worked a treat and we haven’t looked back.

So the next time you see an ampersat, you can note to yourself that you know what it is called. You may remember that you know that it’s called a monkey tail in Dutch, and hopefully, you will think about Arpastart and giving us a call to talk about how we can help your online presence.